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     Welcome to the Silva Graduate Information Center, a vast knowledge base of information and guidance for bettering your life with Jose Silva's revolutionary Mind Training Systems.

     We welcome your questions, your experiences, and your successes. We'll be happy to include them, but this is not a public forum, it is not a "wiki," it is not a discussion group.

     This is about Jose Silva's 55 years of scientific research and practical experience teaching his Systems worldwide, and what he found and his interpretation of his results.

Silva Support Team

     We've assembled an outstanding team to insure that the information presented here is not what we think Jose Silva would have said, as often as possible it is his exact words.

     Senior Consultant and Advisor is Jose Silva Jr. "Joe Jr." as we call  him is one of the last links to the beginning of Jose Silva's research. Joe documented much of the research, and has numerous audio recordings from those early days of research. Born in 1941, Joe was Jose and Paula Silva's first child.

     Our fact checker is veteran newspaper reporter and Silva Instructor Ed Bernd Jr. During the 17 years that he worked for Mr. Silva at the Laredo world headquarters, Ed worked on more than a dozen books with him as editor or coauthor. He also developed courses under Mr. Silva's guidance and direction for sales people and athletes, and managed the officials Silva alumni association since 1983.

     Jose Silva also speaks directly to you in these pages, thanks to numerous audio and video recordings. It is often valuable to hear for yourself exactly how he expressed something.
     And remember, since there is "no time or space" in the subjective dimension, you can go to your level and be right here with him right now - in the subjective dimension.

Silva scientific research

     Jose Silva is no longer here in the physical world, but fortunately he left many writings and a lot of recordings so that we refer back to. That is what we have done - and will continue to do - on this web site. Whenever possible, we will include recordings so you can hear him in his own voice.

     Sometimes we hear people say, "Jose Silva said...." At times they are quite accurate. Other times they aren't. Sometimes their memory is faulty. Sometimes they want to use Jose Silva's name to advance their own ideas. And sometimes what he said might apply only in limited situations, if that is what it took to correct a problem.

A pragmatic problem solver

     For instance, there is one man who has been active in an online discussion group who says that he explained to Mr. Silva how effective he is at working health cases and that he doesn't use his hands. He said it distracts him to use his hands.

     So Mr. Silva told him that it is not necessary for him to use his hands.

     Ever since then, he has been telling people that "Jose said it is not necessary to use your hands."

     It is true that Jose Silva said that... to him! Mr. Silva didn't say it to everybody, only to just that one person. His attitude was like the old saying, "If it ain't broke, then don't fix it."

     Mr. Silva was a very pragmatic problem solver. But the fact that he told one person that he was just as well off not using his hands doesn't negate the findings from his 22 years of scientific research that showed him what is best for most of us.

     Once you have learned to use the Silva techniques and have had some success with them, that success gives you a baseline that you can use to compare the results you get when you alter the techniques and try them your own way. If your way gives you better results, that is great. If not, then go back to Jose Silva's way.

Doing whatever it takes

     Here is an example of an instance when he worked within another person's belief system to correct a serious problem. It was during a trip to Venezuela to present his Ultra Seminar. Someone told him about a young woman who was "possessed" by an "evil spirit," and nobody had been able to help her. They asked if he could help her.

     He agreed and they took him to the young woman. When he arrived, she was acting out - out of control. She wouldn't respond to anyone, but was crying and shouting and thrashing around.

     As all UltraMind ESP System graduates know, Mr. Silva did not believe that there are evil entities that can harm us. This is covered in the Silva UltraMind ESP System Resource Guide (student manual) on Pages 46-54.

     But the young woman, and the people with her, believed that she was possessed by an evil spirit. So in order to correct the problem, he had to work within her belief system.

Gaining her attention

     First he had to get her to listen to him. And he needed for her to believe that he was powerful enough to help her. So he took care of both items at the same time:

     He grabbed her by the wrist, and began to squeeze very tight. Mr. Silva was a strong man; he had been a prize fighter when he was young, and had very large hands and arms.

     So before long, his strong grip on her wrist started to become painful, painful enough to get her attention. He told her, "That doesn't hurt does it?" She replied that "Yes, it hurts!" Now they were communicating, so he could work with her.

     He told her that he was there to help her, that her body had been taken over by an evil spirit, and that she wasn't strong enough by herself to fight it off, but that he was stronger and more powerful than the evil entity so that he would help her by positioning himself between her and the evil entity and then the only way the evil entity could get to her was through him, and since he was more powerful, that wasn't going to happen.

     Of course he didn't believe that there was an evil entity, and therefore he didn't do anything to "block" such an "entity."

     Instead, he programmed for her to believe him, and to accept what he said, because he knew that if she would do that, then she would correct her own problem.

     And this is exactly what happened. She had felt Jose Silva's power herself - her sore wrist reminded her of that. So she believed him, believed that he was powerful enough to fight off the "evil spirit" that had possessed her.

     The problem was solved, and everybody was happy.

     Note: In this recording from a live class, Jose Silva explains in his own words how he solved the young woman's problem.

This recording comes from the Silva Courses Better World Initiative, which has almost 100 hours of live audio and video recordings of Jose Silva explaining his research and teaching his techniques.

Sent here to correct problems

     Jose Silva was always a very pragmatic person, and if telling a little "fib" would correct a problem, would give them the information that they needed, then that's what he would do.

     Those people were very fortunate, that Jose Silva cared enough about them that he was even willing to give incorrect information about his research and beliefs if it that's what it took to help them.

     But in his writings and in his classes and in recordings that he made for us, he was careful to explain his research correctly. And that's what you will find on this web site.

     If you ever have any question about anything on this site, please contact us and let us know. Ask anything you want to ask and we will find the answer for you - Jose Silva's answer, based on his decades of scientific research and experience.

Specific answers vs general instruction

     Sometimes people will say, "I heard Jose Silva say..." and they did. But he might have been speaking to a specific person about a specific set of circumstances, so his answer might not apply to your circumstances.

     For instance, when you program to acquire something, he felt that one very important factor was how great the need was, meaning: How many people will benefit.

     Here is a transcript of a recording of his answer during an Instructor Training session when someone asked if he could program to get a Rolls Royce:

     You are asking a good question.
     He's asking for a Rolls Royce. This is in the possibility area.
     But you see, we were not sent, we're not going to get help from the other side when we want something like this only for me.
     But if I say, I want this vehicle, that we can use -- we, not just me -- because there is a need for something like this, and it's within the possibility area, and I don't have the means, I may then get the other side to help me.
     Now the other side will only help me when I am asking for something that is needed to improve conditions on planet earth.
     Like we said, they are not going to help me if I want another million dollars when I already have a million dollars, when I want a Rolls Royce when I have a Rolls Royce already. That I want a girlfriend when I already have a wife. Some people ask for something like this.
     They are not going to help you. You are on your own. If you make a mistake, you are going to suffer for it, you are on your own. You don't get help from the other side.
     You only get help from the other side when your intentions are that whatever you are doing is to help improve conditions on the planet for more than yourself, not just yourself.
     If you only consider Me, me, you have to do it on your own. If it is for Us, then you get help, if whatever you do is going to help more than you.
     The more you are going to help, the more help you get for it.
     We always say, Don't ever ask for more than what you need, but do ask for no less than what you need.
     So what your needs will be, depends on how big your plans are. That's what your needs will be.

     Now suppose that someone who is working on a big project to help people in an underdeveloped country needs a Rolls Royce for some reason. Perhaps they want to auction it off to raise more money for the project, or maybe a luxury vehicle is needed to transport dignitaries who can help the project.

     If Mr. Silva is familiar with the project, then he might simply tell the person to strengthen his faith by programming to increase his desire, belief, and expectancy.

     Someone who overhears that might mistakenly think that nothing more is involved other than to strengthen your faith and you will get a luxury car, when much more is actually involved and the person is already doing the other things.

     Whenever you hear somebody say that "Jose Silva said..." check to see if they actually heard it, and what the circumstances were. Was in it class where he was explaining the basic principles in detail, or a specific suggestion for a very specific situation?

     Also check articles and books and recordings by Jose Silva, like the ones on this web site, and verify the information that you heard.

What it takes to be the best

     Here is one more example of how an answer to a very specific question didn't give the whole story.

     It was in 1995 while working on the Think and Grow Fit book. Mr. Silva's coauthor Ed Bernd Jr. wanted a summary statement for the last chapter and asked him what the most important thing was that an athlete could do mentally to have the best chance of being a winner and becoming a champion.

     "He has to make it the most important thing in his life," Mr. Silva answered. "He has to be willing to make any sacrifice in order to be the best, to dwell on it and work at it constantly and not let anything distract him from that goal."

     Ed said that he was shocked by that answer, so he asked a followup question: "Do you recommend that people do that?"

     Mr. Silva's eyes opened wide in an expression of surprise, as if he were shocked by his own answer. Then, Ed continued, he smiled and said, "No, of course not."

     If you want to read what he said next, click here. They used it in the final chapter of the book, to help keep everything in the proper perspective.

Many benefits of the Silva Support Site

     The purpose of this web site is to provide a place for graduates of Jose Silva's Mind Training and Holistic Faith Healing Systems to find inspiration, motivation and answers to frequently asked questions, to find articles covering  a number of interesting topics related to his research, and to hopefully provide inspiration, help and  ideas on how you can use the intuitive skills that you learned to make the world a better place.

     Have you just completed an UltraMind ESP System course and want to continue to learn and improve your skills?  Then this is the place for you. Continue to learn and to use your skills after the seminar is over with, or pick up where you left off if it's been awhile since you have taken the course.  Here you'll discover the many ways that these wonderful skills can be applied to countless areas of your life.

     Mr. Silva always said that there are three areas that are of primary importance for the focus of your efforts: Health, Relationships, and Business.  He always suggested health first, because if you are in good health then you are in a better position to help others.  If you have feedback and ideas for things that you'd like to see covered here on this site please let us know and we'll consider them. Here are just a few of the topics that we plan to cover on this site:

Making the most of your UltraMind ESP Skills
Case Working for detection and correction of health problems at a distance
Holistic Faith Healing FAQ
Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing
UltraMind for Business Executives
ESP for Parents
Personal Development
Healing and programming for pets and animals
Becoming a better student
Locating missing persons
How do I Visualize? How do I improve imagination?
Programming and using your dreams for guidance
Teaching Silva techniques to the Hearing Impaired
How do I get programming to work for me?
How do I project into something?
The aura and the seven dimensions?
Why start an UltraMind study group?
Higher Intelligence and Tutors
Why Jose Silva created UltraMind
The tomato experiment and other experiments
Glass of water technique
What would Silva say about....?
Indications from Higher Intelligence?
What about manifesting?
Best time to Program
Mind Training for Athletes

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