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     Q: Hello, I ve read 3-4 books of Jose Silva's at least twice. I am practicing
the method since 3-4 months. I am from marketing field & also involved in network marketing. I got some good results while practicing the techniques. I read in one of the Silva Books that Jose Silva once developed a technique for winning lotteries. I want to ask-is it possible for me to win a online lottery by applying these techniques?
Plz. do reply.

     A: Thanks for writing and for your interst in Jose Silva's mind training systems. Regarding techniques to win lotteries, let me ask you a question:

     If we knew how, don't you think we'd all be out there winning lotteries?

     You'd better find somebody who has won lotteries (not just one... it has to be done more than once to prove it is not just a coincidence). To be scientifically valid, an experiment must be repeatable.

     Jose Silva never programmed to win a lottery. In fact, that is completely opposite of what his philosophy was. He believed that we were sent here (by higher intelligence) to correct problems and improve conditions on earth. The one time he had a dream with numbers, he never even thought about the fact that they might be lottery numbers. It wasn't until the next night that somebody suggested that to him.

     And yes, through a series of coincidence, they did find a ticket with those numbers, bought it, and won $10,000, enough money for him to purcahse an EEG to use in his research.

     He interpreted the incident as a sign from higher intelligence that they approved of the work he was doing, and to keep on doing it.

     You see, when he reviewed everything that had taken place, he realized that he had just decided to bring his resarch to an end. It was costing him a lot of money, he wasn't charging anybody for the help he gave them... would not even permit anyone to reimburse him for gasoline or other expenses he incurred. So he felt that this was the way that higher intelligence let him know that they appreciate his work, and not to worry about finances.

     The reference in the first Silva Mind Control Method book about techniques to win lotteries was an error by the editor, that was not caught, and once a book is published it is very difficult to make changes. He did conduct research for several months to see if they could pick winning numbers, but they were not successful so he gave it up. That is probably where the misunderstanding came from in the book.

     No, we do not have any techniques for winning lotteries, and if you find anybody who claims to, ask for results... repeatable results.

     You can read more about Jose Silva's ideas and his work on our web site:

     Thanks again for your interest, and please feel free to call on me any time we can be of service.

     Better and better

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