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     Q: Our country has been torn apart by war. Before the war, my father had a good job and a good income, and we lived well. The war ended all that. Now I am ready to start college, but we do not have any money. How can a victim of an unfortunate crisis finance his education?
     Before the war, my father would have had no problem at all in paying for my academic expenses. So, I tried programming myself to win a lottery just as Jose Silva did. I used Dream Control and other techniques, but nothing seems to work. None of them revealed the numbers I should play to win. Consequently I started doubting your methods and principles. I thought all your claims of millions of successes are fake and so I became stressful and uncertain about my future.
     But then, I don't know why, I began working health cases. It works! This regained my faith, but I am still facing the financial problem.
     I went to my level to analyze this problem from all perspectives. I started thinking about potential sponsors. If only I could find someone who could sponsor me for a semester or two, I am confident that I can continue my education on college scholarships. Therefore, would it be possible for you to sponsor me? I shall be ever grateful if you can help me with whatever amount you can. It would help me become what I want to be in life.

     A: We are very sorry for the problems that you experienced, and wish that the war had been avoided by diplomacy instead of what happened.

Guidance from high intelligence
     As for programming: Jose Silva has never programmed to win a lottery, nor has he ever told anyone how to do so.
     At the time he won the money in the lottery, he was working very hard and spending a lot of his own money to help people who needed help, and to continue to research additional ways to help people.
     He got discouraged and was tempted to quit, when he had the dream that led to the lottery ticket. He feels that when he got upset and decided to quit, then higher intelligence realized what was going on and guided him to some additional resources (money) so that he would continue his mission of helping people.
     Mr. Silva feels very strongly that if we are doing what we were sent here to do - that is, helping to correct problems on the planet - then all of our needs will be met, if we keep in mind what our needs are.

How to qualify for help
     To put that into practical terms, continue to work health cases and thereby help people who need help.
     Also keep in mind why you want an education. Is it only so that you can earn a lot of money and have what you want?
     Mr. Silva says that if you are the only one who is going to benefit, then you will not get help from the other side (higher intelligence). But if other people are also going to benefit, then you qualify for help from the other side.
     The bigger your plans are - that is, the more people who will benefit from your plans - the more help you will receive from the other side.

Let results guide you
     Review your manual to make sure that you are applying the techniques correctly. Then program, and notice what the results are.
     Watch for any sign that shows that you are heading in the correct direction.
     If you program and then you hear about a job that you could apply for - or if you hear about a scholarship that you might qualify for - then you know that you are on the right track. Those leads might not work out, but at least you know you are heading in the correct direction. This is how higher intelligence lets us know which way to go.
     On the other hand, if you encounter more problems after you program, this is a sign from the other side that you might be going in the wrong direction.
     Do not quit too quickly, but if you keep encountering problems, or fail to make progress, then try something different.
     *Try a different technique.
     *Practice deepening your level, to insure that you are at a deep enough level.
     *Try programming more often, or less often.
     *Maybe you need to change your goals.
     *Use your level to get ideas, and then observe the results you get in the objective dimension to verify whether your ideas are correct or not.
     *Help more people by working more cases; and find other ways to help people - not because you expect to get something back from this, but because they need help and you have the ability to help them.
     The results that you get will guide you as to how to proceed. These results should come rather quickly - with a few days.

Learn how to help yourself
     By doing this, you will soon find what you should be doing, which direction you should be going. And you will be developing skills that you can benefit from for the rest of your life.
     Jose Silva is not in a position to provide financial aid to people. His mission is to help people learn how to help themselves, and he devotes all of his time and resources to this mission.
     If you will follow these guidelines, and will use the Silva techniques exactly as written in the manual, and use them at the correct level (the alpha level), and if you sincerely desire to help correct problems on the planet so that nobody else will ever have to suffer as you have suffered, then you will surely reach your goals.

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