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Jose Silva's Everyday ESP, new book by Jose Silva Jr. with Ed Bernd Jr.

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     Welcome to the Silva Graduate Information Center managed by Avlis Productions Inc.
     The Silva Graduate Information Center is a vast knowledge base of information and guidance for bettering your life with Jose Silva's revolutionary Mind Training Systems.

Silva Support Team

     Avlis Productions has assembled an outstanding team to insure that the information presented here is not what we think Jose Silva would have said, as often as possible it is his exact words.

     Senior Consultant and Advisor is Jose Silva Jr.
     "Joe Jr." as we call  him is one of the last links to the beginning of Jose Silva's research.
     Joe documented much of the research, and has numerous audio recordings from those early days of research.
     Born in 1941, Joe was the first of Jose and Paula Silva's ten children.

     Our fact checker is veteran newspaper reporter and Silva Instructor Ed Bernd Jr. During the 17 years that he worked for Mr. Silva at the Laredo world headquarters, Ed worked on more than a dozen books with him as editor or coauthor. He also developed courses under Mr. Silva's guidance and direction for sales people and athletes, and managed the officials Silva alumni association since 1983.

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